Glider Truck Assembly Part Kits for Sale

We offer glider kit assembly parts for Peterbilt glider kits, Kenworth glider kits, Western Star glider kits, and Freightliner glider kits.

The Following Parts Kits Available for Peterbilt Glider Kits, Kenworth Glider Kits, Western Star Glider Kits and Freightliner Glider Kits:

Glider Truck Radiator Charge Air Cooler and Air Intake Piping Kit

Glider Kit Engine Control Harnesses and Processors

Glider Truck Engine-Oil-Temp-Gauge-Kit

Glider Kit OEM Fan Shroud Extension Rings and Fan Blades

Glider Kit Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Engine Upfit Kits

Glider Kit Front and Rear Engine Mounting Brackets

Glider Kit Power Distribution Harness Kits

Glider Kit AC Adapter Part Kits

Glider Kit Exhaust Piping Kit

Glider Kit Straight Exhaust Kits

Glider Kit Engine Ceramic and Paint Packages

Glider Kit Transmission Upfit Kits

Coolant Distribution Manifold Kits

Glider Kit Throttle Pedals and Throttle Position Sensors